In This Course Kasey Fong , Freelance Design & Build Consultant will reveal the Compilation of his Experience and Succeed Tips that help him to kickstart the journey of FREELANCE , Entrepreneur or Self- Employment. You will Get Practical Tools and Solid Useful Key To Make Your first deal .

In this course you will learn the The proven Keys to develop your PERSONAL BRAND PERSONA and you will learn to craft your IMAGE and REPUTATION . You will understand of how to build the structure and sustain YOUR CONVINCING & PERSUASIVE portfolio. Thats will to indirectly deliver of what you do .Beside that, :-

1) How and where to find your clients ,

2)How To Be Iconic in Your Industry . That will make your wallet HAPPY .

3)How to Deal Professionally with your future client

4)How create a New Revenue based on lowest investment .

5)How to Create 24/7/365 Salesperson for your Services !

About This Course

To guide you step by step to the world of Freelance Work , Kasey will begin with the solid foundation of mindset building that allow you to consistently build your Freelance Work even with tough times .

From his sharing , you will understand the core values and foundation of being your own boss . You will learn how to merge your skillset with the practical management as a freelancer . (That will feed your mouth). You will realise when is the best timing to commit your journey as a freelancer. Kasey will guide you to draft out the forecast jobs or projects that will cater the best of your current situation and skillset.

The Juiciest part from this Courses is about LEARNING the fundamentals of Crafting a Convincing & Persuasive Portfolio . It will create a situation whereby your clients approach you, they already in 60% convinced states. Once they approach you . You will Gain another 30% Persuasive Rate. Balance 10% is on their own Consideration whether is their own budgeting or timing issues. Once You learn this Skillset, these will serve as 24/7/365 Salesperson for YOU !

You will discover the key to find your clients and learn some personal tips and strategies on creating a funnel to achieve them . You will amaze that how the important to create audience through different platform and you will learn how to organise them .

When come to sustainability and consistency , you will learn how to price tag your works and preparing the cashflow management , and time management in order to create a positive freelance module.

Kasey will guide you to craft out our your SOP or Work Progress , from the moment you received your offer until delivery of your works , inclusive of communication that can up-sell or building long lasting relationship with your client .

This Courses Crafted for Those who are :-

professionals of creative industries : interior designer , videographer ,photographer, graphic designer, designers, and those who in creative line wanted to kickstart the journey of freelance.

Employee/Under Employment

1) You will have a CLARITY of Upcoming Freelance Business Module .

2) You will have your Confident on how you can achieve your DESIGNed Freelance module that feed your mouth .

3) Create a revenue stream with the lowest investment with proven Real Life Example.


1)You will learn to create a Convincing and Persuasive Portfolio that will Win your competitors

2)You will learn how to be ICONIC in your industries . That will make your business keep GROWING .

3)Expand Your Business with the Branding instead of Price War.

What is The Requirement for this Courses ?

  • Willingness to learn is the must !
  • Consistency to Commit for Learning
  • Notes (whether physical or digital ) So that you can jot down which area you wanted to Ask me in Q&A Section .

Hi, I’m Kasey

Life Coach, Branding Strategist ,NLP & Human Behaviour Consultant , Numerologist ,Socialpreneur.

Near to Decades of Experience in Communication, NLP,Human Behavioural Science, Branding , Marketing ,Personal Development .

a person who passionate about GROWTH for Knowledge and Personal Development

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